Puerto Rico

by hannah on April 14, 2014

The STINT team in Puerto Rico is a pioneering team. Because they are the first team in this country, they are even more willing to try new things to reach the campuses they work on.

This month, with a visiting Spring Break team of students from the States, they lead the digital strategy using short films in initiative evangelism. We had them use specifically the short film La Busqueda (which demonstrates the parable of the prodigal son). This means, they went on campus and using the Jesus Film Media™

app on their phone, approached people and asked if they would watch it and share their opinion.

“Blake and I had two students really connect with the film. They were so mad when the daughter didn’t get off the bus and return to the father. After thinking through why she might not get off, the student was like ‘OHHH.’ A light bulb went off and he realized that is what he has been doing to God. He realized he doesn’t feel like he can go back to Him because of all the stuff he’s done. Blake and I got to share the gospel with him and his friend. Although they made no clear decision, it was an awesome conversation that we wouldn’t have had if we didn’t have the film.” – Alyse

Please pray for the individuals on the other end of these conversations! God is always up to something…


A team in Central Asia, had a Spring Break team come join them for a week of ministry. One pair of girls went out and showed the short film, ‘Dying Roads’ – a modern version of the parable of the Good Samaritan. Here is what the STINTer reported:

“The girls [we shared with] immediately said they didn’t think that this story could happen here in their city because of the religious people. Then five minutes later, the girls left to go pray and then came back. (I’ve never had students do that before). Then we got into a conversation about what they think about Christianity and what we think about Islam. They all want to get together again to talk about it. It made away for us to talk about deep things.” – Erin



April 4, 2014

Hi everyone! TONIGHT at 5 pm EST, Jesus Film, via the help of ‘Thunderclap’ (a social media platform), will be posting all about the new JESUS Film in Blu-ray. Thunderclap has already composed a post and tweet to be sent out on the account of people who sign up. It seriously takes less than 13 […]

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“I could see that the wheels were turning …”

March 30, 2014

Alicia is a STINTer missionary serving in Italy. Her and her team, hosted a Short Film Night a few weeks ago. Here is a story she shared from that event: “Our student leader, Miriana, was there and she was being really quiet during some of the early questions. I could see that the wheels were […]

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Recipe for sharing Jesus

March 27, 2014

Things you’ll need: Headphones A smartphone or tablet (or a friend who has one!) The free Jesus Film Media™ app (install before heading out) Location ideas: college campus, beach boardwalk, airport, any interaction with someone from another country, at a restaurant Willingness to trust God for results   Start with some prayer in asking God […]

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Host a Short Film Night

March 24, 2014

If you serve in a secure/closed country, please email Hannah (hannah@jesusfilmmedia.org) for suggestions on how to plan and promote your event. Videos definitely have been incorporated into our culture.  From angry cats, little children with cute accents, crazy stunts and comedian – film is entertaining, interpretive and visually stimulating – and so shareable! So why […]

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Tweet Tweet for Jesus

March 22, 2014

Hey! Do you have a Twitter account? So do we! Follow us at: @JesusFilm

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Nursing home to East Africa

March 19, 2014

This story is an example of how easy it is to be a digital missionary! On most weekends, I drive down to DC to see my mom; she’s 93 and lives in a senior care facility. She has an aide to help her several hours a day whose name is Matilda, who is from Sierra […]

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“I know this film!”

March 15, 2014

The following story was shared by a staff member who showed a clip of the film JESUS to a new international friend: “Alex’s eyes lit up when he heard his own Kinyarwanda language on the Jesus Film Media™ app. “I know this film!” he exclaimed. He started remembering that as a young boy in Rwanda […]

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Redemption portrayed through Animé

March 12, 2014

Recently, we’ve learned that animé films are received well in Italy. We currently have a short animé film called My Last Day.  This 9-minute story, which utilizes dialogue from the original JESUS film, unfolds through the eyes of a criminal who receives the same brutal crucifixion sentence as Christ. The criminal’s own guilt causes him […]

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